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Isn’t it amazing how nobody ever listens to Elrond

Elrond’s like that one guy in all the movies and shit who’s just ‘don’t do the thing’ and everyone else is just ‘Shut the fuck up. What do you know?!’ and then later on it turns out they shouldn’t have done the thing..

Elrond would survive a horror movie

Elrond has already survived several horror movies.

Damn straight.

Elrond is Cassandra

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It’s like you enjoy tearing my heart out of my chest.

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Notice how Shan Yu doesn’t even question it or make a comment about “BUT YOU’RE A GIRL” he just instantly goes into a “I’LL TEACH YOU TO KILL MY MEN AND STEAL MY VICTORY” rage and I think about this a lot sometimes

((Well that might have to do with the fact that he’s a Hun.  Women among the Huns had higher status than their Chinese counterparts and even some of their own men. Women were free to hunt and fight along side of the men, could choose their own husbands and divorce him if she choose to. There were even records of clans being led by women leaders. So for Shan Yu Mulan is just another soldier))

thank you, history side of tumblr.

He also might not have been able to see very well, due to whatever horrible disease has taken hold in his eyeballs.

Pretty serious Wilson’s Disease judging by the copper buildup in in irises, and apparent melanocytosis localized to his sclera.

Thank you medical side of tumblr

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